Are you still counting the number of LED chips when buying solar lights?

A customer inquired our solar lights last month. According to the customer’s request, the style recommended by our sales staff is the TG02 series, (, but the customer informed Our price is 20% more expensive than our competitors. Our sales staff was very curious and asked if we could send the quotation of a friend’s product to study?

Then the customer sent it over and we saw that it was written in the quotation that the number of LED chips was nearly 500pcs, and the largest number of LED chips was as high as 1,000pcs, but there was no specific battery and solar panel information in the quotation. We told the customer about the problem. The customer said that the seller emphasized that their products have many LED chips and the brightness will be very high when they introduced them to him, and they also sent a video to prove that the brightness is very high. And emphasized that they use a 1W lamp bead, which can reach 10000LM.

As a responsible and professional seller, we patiently explained to our customers:

   1.The number of LED chips is not the main factor affecting the brightness, first of all, the solar lamp is different from the traditional city power lights, especially in the ultra-low voltage state such as 3.2V, the brightness of the lamp beads is usually 0.1-0.5W or even lower, It won’t load at a full power. Secondly, if the lumen of the solar light reaches 10,000lm, its configuration will be very high, and the cost will be as high as hundreds of dollars, totally different products with the customers are consulting.

2.The parameters that determine the brightness of the solar lamp are the battery and the solar panel. The energy source of the solar lamp is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. Therefore, the larger the battery capacity, the longer working time or the higher brightness for the solar lights, but the watt of the solar panel also needs to be increased accordingly, otherwise the battery will not be fully charged, causing unnecessary waste.

3.The brightness of the solar lamp in the video is very high. On the one hand, it is because our competitors use lamp beads of more than 5000K CCT. In terms of visual effect, it will give people a very bright feeling, but more importantly, it is the control in the solar lamp. There is a program set in the controller, the brightness will be very high at first few minutes, but the brightness will be greatly reduced soon, or it cannot be guaranteed to work all night. Such control programs are common in the industry, and often mislead consumers.

4.The solar light on the quotation of our competitors is a plastic shell, while our product is a die-casting aluminum shell, and our product also has a human body induction mode.

As a professional supplier, LANGY has a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team, which can recommend suitable products according to the needs of customers, and also provides overseas warehouse services, door-to-door installation and other services for customers in North America, so that customers can Can receive the goods, so that customers can enjoy the convenience brought by solar lights without leaving home.

After the patient explanation of our sales, the customer finally understands what kind of solar light he needs.

And customer thanked us for our professionalism many times,when he got our solar lights, and told will try more items next time.