ST038 solar street light details-3

As a high-tech enterprise with self-research capabilities, Langy is keen to apply the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to our products.

In recent years, solar lamps have been the darling of outdoor lighting in various households. They have the advantages of simple installation, one-time investment, and smart switches. Moreover, household solar lamps can also be equipped with a remote control, which allows you to control the working mode of the lamp indoors.

However, most of the remote controls on the market are the same, and not every family needs the same functions. We have received many complaints from customers before that the universal remote control on the market cannot meet his needs.

Follow all customer satisfaction-oriented tenets, LANGY plan to develop a new remote for our customers, through nearly a year of market research and customer return visits, Langy has developed a remote control that can meet the requirements of most customers.

This new remote control has more functions, like 100% + 10 % brightness & 100% + 0% brightness in motion mode. and also AUTO + MOTION combine function.

langy remote

The appearance of the new remote control has also been recognized by more customers, and some customers even purchased 1,000 remote controls to replace the previous ones.

In addition, we can also customize more functions according to customer requirements. For example, one of our American customers needs to customize a smart solar basketball court light. Our R&D team have successfully met the customer’s expectations and customer had signed a long-term contract with us.

If you have your own ideas and requirements, or you want to make your product unique, please tell LANGY, LANGY will give you a satisfactory solution.