Now more and more people are beginning to understand and become interested in solar energy. It has the characteristics of automatically turning off the lights during the day and automatically turning on the lights at night, which makes people It can meet the needs of outdoor lighting without any operation at all. However, there is another very powerful function of solar lights that is not yet familiar to people, that is, the human body induction function(MOTION SENSOR).

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First, solar lights with motion sensor can provide added security and safety. By illuminating an area only when motion is detected, they can help deter potential burglars or intruders and make it easier to see potential hazards or obstacles. This can help prevent accidents and provide peace of mind, especially in dark or isolated areas.

Second, solar lights with motion sensor can help conserve energy and extend the lifespan of the lights. Because the lights only turn on when motion is detected, they will not be continuously on, which can save energy and prevent the batteries from draining quickly. This means that the lights will last longer and need to be replaced less often, making them a more cost-effective option.

Third, solar lights with motion sensor are more convenient and user-friendly. By automatically turning on and off, they eliminate the need for manual switching, which can be difficult or inconvenient in some situations. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of solar lighting without having to worry about turning the lights on and off.

The human body sensing feature ensures that solar street lights use the energy they need when they need it, not when it doesn’t!

Even with the most abundant solar energy we have available, using sensors is the easiest way to save energy. 

Additionally, street lights with motion sensors are ideal for passive maintenance. Use less battery to ensure longevity because you only need the brightness when you need it.

One might ask, why not just leave the lights on all night? 

Our answer is that it is impractical for any solar lights to run 24/7 unless you can significantly increase the budget for installing solar street lights as it requires a very large battery for whole night work or you can reduce the brightness of the solar lights.

Another advantage of the induction function is that when a person with a bad mind wants to break into your yard at night, the light will turn on immediately when he enters, which will make a person with a guilty conscience give up his idea and leave your house.

That’s why you have motion sensors on solar street lights – they turn on when you need them, turn off when you don’t, they get their energy from the sun, and don’t require us to provide extra expense.

It’s just one of the things we do at LANGY – pair products with people for the perfect solution. Contact us for more information or read our handy guide to solar lights.