How We Works

A Powered and Solar Street Light Manufacturer from China. Know More about What Business Services We Provide.

Our Products And Services

We offer an array of outdoor LED lights designed to meet rising lighting needs. At Langy, we know that no product can single-handedly provide solutions for exterior lighting needs.

OEM Services

We offer silk screen/laser engraving services that allow us to engrave your brand on the product. We also offer a brand package and write a user manual in your local language.

Our Business Services

We provide label services for brands and support websites, online ventures and Amazon store.

We also offer wholesale price support, so if you already have a lighting store, you will be able to sell our branded lighting products at a wholesale price to support and grow your business.

ODM Services

If you already own a brand but need new products, we provide R&D services to help match your requirements.

Online stores

For Businesses that own Amazon stores, we support them through our online business website. So if you want to start an online business that deals in outdoor lighting products, feel free to contact our warehouse in Texas, US.

How Our OEM/ODM/Wholesale Services Work:

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our services. So we are currently undertaking the following 3 types of B2B businesses.


  • Wholesale services
  • In-depth OEM /ODM services
  • Logo labeling services


Our objective is to help improve customer brand and sales as a company. We add the logo and customize the packaging as per our customer’s requirements. Also, we follow a meticulous process from original design idea, R&D,  ID, verification, Board Building, trial production and finally, mass production. We do all this to turn an idea into the products the customers look forward to. We support ordinary dealers or wholesalers to sell our products with standard configuration and packaging. Langy is a flexible company and will go the extra mile to meet our client’s needs.

Here are the steps to follow when working with us.

Work Step with Us

1 - Send Us Your Requirments

Our sales team and engineers will evaluate your needs and requirements.

2 - Ship a Sample to You

Once you confirm it, we will ship the sample to your address.

3 - Confirm Your Order

If you are happy with the sample, you’ll need to confirm the order to allow us to move to large-scale production.

All-in-One / Solar Street Light & City Powered Light Manufacturer

You will Get Great experience from start to finish with LANGY! The entire work process was on time, professional and without any problems.

Outstanding Customer Service

Communication Is Key

Our Concierge team will walk you through every step of your Solar Journey.

Permits And HOA

We make it easy by pulling all of the necessary permits and obtaining permission from from your HOA.


We will finalize your Solar Installation with Interconnection to your power company enabling your Net Metering.