LED Wall Pack Light

Engineering Quality Street Light

Different designs have been created that incorporate various types of LEDs into a light fixture. Either few high-power LEDs or many low-power LEDs may be used. The shape of the LED street light depends on several factors, including LED configuration, the heat sink used with the LEDs and aesthetic design preference.

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MZ Series LED Wall Pack Light

The LED street light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source. These are considered integrated lights because, in most cases, the luminaire and the fixture are not separate parts. In manufacturing, the LED light cluster is sealed on a panel and then assembled to the LED panel with a heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture.

Key features

  • Super Bright & high Output – 120lm/w & 5000k Cool White Color;
  • Smart Photocell Sensor Optional Function;
  • Durable Material & Long Lifespan With 5 Years Warranty;;
  • Multi-voltage Can For 120V, 277V, 347V;
  • Integral Heat Sink, with Good Heat Dissipation;
  • Dusk To Dawn, IP67 Waterproof;
  • Polycarbonate cover and acrylic high efficiency LED lenses;
  • Integral high efficiency driver (Brand optional)

Application of LED Wall Pack Lights

  • For street or parking lot as street lights
  • Outside the house for security
  • At a shed or remote garage for security
  • At entrance for remote buildings as a night light
  • To illuminate signs as solar sign lighting
  • On a porch as a night light
  • For Farms as street lights
  • For Bus stations as sign lighting
  • At the public parks or walking paths as a outdoor lighting

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Power watt60W100W100W
LED light sourceSMD 2835*200pcsSMD 2835*240pcsSMD 2835*240pcs
Color temperature5500-6000K5500-6000K5500-6000K
LED lamp life50000H50000H50000H
Colour Rendering Index>80>80>80
Input VoltageAC85-265V,50-60HzAC85-265V,50-60HzAC85-265V,50-60Hz
Power factor0.950.950.95
Ingress protection codeIP67IP67IP67
Meeh, impact protection codeIK08IK08IK08
Working temperature-20℃-60℃-20℃-60℃-20℃-60℃
MaterialDie cast aluminum+PCDie cast aluminum+PCDie cast aluminum+PC

More Product Detail


The wall packed light is a special type of light designed to be installed on the exterior of building walls. They’re common, so you’re likely to see them at fixture stores. The wall pack is designed with a high-intensity lamp head that is energy efficient, durable and has low light pollution. One of the benefits of this light is its ability to illuminate specific areas outside the building for extra safety.

75% Energy Savings
This wall pack is designed with built in dusk to dawn outdoor light photocell technology, helping commercial businesses and residential homeowners save up to 75% on their energy bills,in comparison to metal halide lamps.

Effcient and Bright
The 120W LED wall pack light blends together both effieiency and brightness.Using only 120W, this light yields 15600lm and with wide beam optics, the LED wall pack delivers the pefect illumination for outdoor security lighting, wall perimeter lighting, garages, large backyards, commercial loading bays, warehouses, apartment complexes, hotels and office and retail complexes. Suggested for mounting heights from 14-15ft.

Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light
The commercial outdoor security light is engineered with photocell technology, making this fixture a dusk to dawn outdoor light. The Photocell sensor automatically turns ON at sunset and OFF at sunrise.

Durable and Reliable
Constructed with both die-casting aluminum with a commercial-grade power coat bronze finish, an impact-resisitant tempered glass lens,and maintenance-free LEDs, the commercial wall pack lighting ensure high performance over 50,000-hours of use(equivalent to 23-years at 6-hours/day, eliminating the need to replace bulbs).

Easy to Install
Our led wall packs come with a hands-free wiring mounting bracket, making instllation safe and easy. The detachable mounting plate fits most standard junction boxes and can be surface mounted and wired via conduit entries. For questions or need installation help, please reach out to us.


The Wall pack light is generally used to provide illumination to ground areas frequented by vehicles and pedestrians. They also function well as an added layer of security for property owners. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single building or wall, with the fixture spacing designed to provide even lighting around the grounds.

Over the years, we have seen different traditional lamps in wall lamps, the most popular of which are: metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps. During this time, the invention of different traditional wall lamps has improved the ability to produce brighter light, even in bad weather. However, as capable as they may be, they have never been as efficient as LED lights.

LED wall-mounted battery packs are not only very practical, they are also many times more efficient. They outperform conventional lamps in nearly every way, including: light output, energy consumption, lifetime uniformity, maintenance, life expectancy, and heat dissipation.

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