Langy Outdoor LED Lights Buying Guide

What is Outdoor LED Lights?

Outdoor LED lighting refers to a range of outdoor illuminates that help enhance safety in outdoor areas. Using outdoor LED lights as security lighting can increase security by helping homeowners ward off intruders at night and illuminate any areas that might be a safety hazard in the dark.

At the same time, LED outdoor lights have a variety of styles and designs. Different styles of outdoor lights can be selected according to the design and usage scenarios of the building without affecting the beauty of the building itself.

There are many benefits to using LED outdoor lighting in addition to safety and aesthetics. Compared with traditional incandescent or energy-saving lamps, LED lights are the best way to reduce your monthly electricity bill. LED lights use far less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lights, which can help people save a lot of money over time. At the same time, outdoor LED bulbs also last longer than traditional lighting methods and require less maintenance in the long run.

Types of Outdoor LED Lights

There are many types of outdoor LED lights to choose from to suit a variety of different needs. Dusk-to-dawn lights are a great option if you’re concerned about home safety, as they automatically detect when the sun goes down and turn on accordingly to ensure residential areas are never completely dark. If you’re looking for decorative ambient lighting, wall sconces might be a great option. Next, I will introduce several outdoor LED lights that LANGY can provide you.

LED Street Light/Shoe Box Light

The LED Street lights are generally used in parking lots or public streets, and there are fewer options for household use, mainly for municipal or commercial projects. At LANGY, we can provide professional lighting solutions to customers according to project requirements.

LED Floodlight/Tunnel light

Outdoor LED floodlights provide ample lighting and help provide an extra layer of security to outdoor spaces. The function of a floodlight is to direct a wide beam of light at a specific object or location. Many floodlight users purposely shine their lights on a tool shed or garage to deter intruders. The Outdoor LED Flood Light is also compatible with motion sensors that turn on when nearby motion is detected.

UFO High Bay Light

Often referred to as a UFO high bay due to its dish shape, it has only one point of contact with the ceiling, making it the easiest high bay to install. Circular high bay LED lights typically provide a circular beam angle of approximately 120 degrees. This considerable beam spread allows for broad yet powerful illumination. These are an excellent choice for open areas such as factories, warehouses, sports fields, grocery and wholesale retailers, and even hangars.


LED Wall Pack Light

LED Wall Pack Lights are installed next to a wall or similar vertical surface. Wall-mounted light fixtures are often installed along the exterior walls of homes and buildings to provide ambient lighting along walkways and entryways. These LED lights come in different designs including lanterns, wall sconces, and other decorative features. Wall-mounted outdoor LED lights offer the perfect balance of lighting and aesthetic design value.

Dusk To Dawn Lights

Dusk To Dawn Lights can effectively enhance the safety of residential areas. Dusk-to-dawn lights are turned on only when the sun sets to illuminate the exterior of a home or building overnight. These outdoor LED fixtures are also great for those concerned about energy costs. Using a dusk-to-dawn outdoor LED lighting fixture ensures that the lights only come on when it’s dark, which means you can leave it alone without worrying about it staying on for long periods of time. Most of the time we use wall sconces to retrofit into dusk to dawn lights, and with a few upgrades this can be achieved.

Canopy Lights

Canopy lights hang below the exterior overhangs. Outdoor LED canopy lighting fixtures are commonly found at gas stations and other businesses that operate after dark. These lights provide directional illumination for vehicles and pedestrians at night, helping to avoid collisions and other accidents. Canopy luminaires are a must for ensuring the security and safety of any business with extended hours into the night.

Solar Light

If you are an environmentalist, or worry about monthly electricity bills, our solar lights are your best choice. Solar lights can be installed in the courtyard or indoors (such as solar flood lights ), and because the characteristics of solar lights can achieve the same effect as the lights from dusk to dawn, and most of the solar lights have the function of human body induction, so it also has the security protection function of anti-theft.

Considerations when buying outdoor lights

When looking for the right outdoor LED lights, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to maximize light output, LED bulbs with higher lumens will put out more light in an area. Wattage refers to how much energy a lighting solution uses. Outdoor LED lighting fixtures that require higher wattages can add to energy costs each year.

Color temperature and Kelvin measure the different colors associated with each light bulb. Lower temperatures are generally warmer colors that are ideal for ambient lighting, while higher temperatures are cooler colors that are ideal for lighting large spaces that require adequate lighting and visibility.


Lumens are a measure of the total amount of light visible to the human eye. Outdoor LED lights with higher lumen counts produce more light. Retailers and other businesses use lights that provide more lumens because they must light large areas. LED lights with lower lumens may be better suited for ambient or decorative lighting in residential areas.


Wattage refers to the energy consumed by a lamp to produce light. While outdoor LED lights with higher wattage requirements use more electricity, they typically use less electricity than traditional lighting methods such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. In general, LEDs that produce more lumens or cover a larger area consume more power.


Color temperature or Kelvin

Outdoor LED lights come in a variety of color temperatures that provide varying degrees of warmth. Kelvin is a unit that measures how “warm” a bulb’s color is, letting people know which LEDs to buy for a particular area. When purchasing landscape LED bulbs, you may notice the following colors stated on the packaging.


The 3000K LED bulb emits a warm white color. Compared to other color temperatures, 3000K bulbs may appear yellower and softer than brighter white light from other bulbs.


These bulbs produce brighter natural white light than 3000K bulbs. 4000K LED lights replicate daylight, which typically illuminates office buildings and other commercial spaces.


5000K bulbs are the most popular choice for large outdoor venues and outdoor areas, such as parking lots, because they provide natural and bright lighting with greater coverage than 3000K or 4000K bulbs.


The 5700K LED bulb is a bright light with a blue tint. While 5700K bulbs are unique in appearance, they are not as sustainable as other LED lighting solutions.

Reasonable use of outdoor LED lighting can help you enhance the experience of your outdoor area. Whether you want decorative outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home, or bright lights to improve safety in areas with high traffic, LANGY has a A variety of LED lamps can meet your needs.

If you are interested in our outdoor LED lighting products, please continue to browse our outdoor LED lights, or contact us directly, we can recommend the most suitable products for you.

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